Deer Valley Family Camp

If you know us- you know how much our family LOVES Deer Valley Family Camp. I’ve had a few friends ask about going. I finally sat down and wrote one of them a guide. I thought I’d repurpose it 🙂

Here’s great video a family put together:


We go to a YMCA Family Camp. We love it and it changed the fabric of our lives. It’s about family and a great week of screen-free bonding. It’s completely worth the 13-hour drive it takes to get there. And we aren’t alone there is a multi-year waiting list for most weeks.


Typical Day:

Sometime btwn 7:30-8:30 kids up and out on bikes and doing whatever they want. 

at 8 there’s a “first watch” faith meeting in the chapel. They talk about a bible verse etc. 

There’s also some activity for adults-like swimming across the lake etc. 

9:00 am  Breakfast, we’ll all sing a funny prayer first. There’s a hot breakfast or you can make waffles or have oatmeal/cereal

After breakfast- kids meet at the campfire dock to sing camp songs and get in group. 

9-12:30 kids in kid group. They’ll go boating or hiking or do the ropes course or horseback riding or craft shop(all free of course) depending on the day. 

12:30-Kids and counselors sit outside the dining hall to sing camp songs. 

1:00 p.m. lunch, funny sung prayer before

After lunch its parents with kids are parents with other parents. They’ll be tons of things to do or not do.I only see some people at activities -I think there’ s a lot of napping in cabins which is awesome too!

6pm -dinner

After dinner there’s something different every night. There’s “family games” one night-where families are put into groups of other families to do games to see what groups of families will win this year. Another night there’s a talent show for campers, etc. You don’t have to go of course but most people do. 

After activity- The snack shop is open which is in a building with a huge deck overlooking the lake. Also where the craft shop is. So, people will get ice cream and sit by the fire and hang out. Some people play cards etc. Teens are usually there are in the teen center. Teens have activities available  all day from 7a.m.-11p.m.


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