Update on little people.




She went with the  daisy scouts to the zoo yesterday. I am so glad I stopped practicing-she couldn’t be very involved in girl scouts last year because we just could not swing. The rest of the troop could participate last year and so have a history.  I feel guilty she couldn’t participate with them last year. Yesterday she was, uncharacteristically, clingy.While they were waiting to leave,  the other little girls were in a huddle giggling and Scout just stood clinging to me. I could have stood there all day with her-but realized that I was likely just encouraging/enabling her to isolate herself. So, I held my breath and jumped off of the deep end and quickly with faked confidence said alright Scout, I love you and have a great time.  I saw in my periphery that she walked timidly over to the gaggle of girls was almost in by the time I left. I’m such a fake ‘life is hard and unfair! jump!” It almost made me teary eyed. Good grief-God forbid she face any real chance of hurt/danger like studying abroad.

Ms. R

She was bummed because her daisy troop has yet to get started. Luckily, the Falcons were on and so her and her brother watched football with daddy. Apparently daddy played shot games with them-except with tiny cupcakes. And they all ate one every time the Falcons scored. Hilarious. Daddy said I should have the one-and so they gave me one. I went up stairs, away from the football game on t.v., and I hear these tiny steps behind me. Ms. R, as it turns out, had an idea that I could “share” the cupcake with her. Of course I did-I gave her half. When I took the other half she seemed surprised and asked if she could at least have the icing from my half.

Pig Skin

Is very very close to be potty trained. OMGoodness the money we will save. The girls need to get out of pull ups at night. I’m so over spending HUNDREDS of dollars on pull-ups. On a good sale pull-ups are 36-40cents a piece. Otherwise they are 50cents a piece. Turn your head if a toddler’s bodily actions scare you. OMGoodness-this is so gross-but I’ll hear him toot and see him stop-stare straight ahead. So, I tell him that  he’s got to poop and go to the potty. At which a war ensues. I AM NOT TOOTING I do NOT have to POOOOPPPPP! Which, as we both know, leads me to bribing him with something ipad, t.v.. milk, crack  to get him on the potty. Apparently, it’s bad parenting to bribe your kids to get them to do the right thing. I usually try not to- but I can only take changing dirty diapers for so long. And we’re working on year 8.

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