Websites we use. (and by ‘we’ I mean me)


The Globe Academy


Mandarin Facebook

Parent/Teacher Facebook

Globe Community Exchange Facebook

Mandarin Immersion Parent Support

Parent Volunteer Sign Up

PTCC (Parent Teacher Community Council) websites/needed links

Required Online Training for Parent Volunteers

Class Blogs and Websites

R’s Ms. Eckmann’s Mandarian Blog

C’s, Ms. Bai’s Mandarian Blog

The Mandarin Specials Blog

Deliberate Mothering

Best Value/Function Uniform Skirts

Best Value/Function Uniform Shirts

(word to the wise-The uniforms from the big box stores, i.e. Old Navy, Walmart, Target are very cheap-and you learn why at the end of the first semester.  They fade, get pills, and wrinkle easily. The uniforms from nicer stores like Lands End, The Gap are nice-but are so expensive and do not last long enough to justify their price tag.)

Best online consignment store to sell/buy from

Common Sense Media

(I looooovvveeee Common Sense Media, makes deciding what media to let babysit your kids kids watch the lazy diligent parent  way. The reviews include bullet points to skim and see appropriate age, amount of violence, language & even commercialism. There are also reviews from kids and parents. I should have read the reviews of classics I wanted my kids to watch-like Woody the Woodpecker-kids hated my old fav.)

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